Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic Treatments

(Meridian Clinic Clarehall) 


Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Services are carried out by a fully qualified Cosmetic Doctor. Prior to treatment you will have a consultation with our doctor who will go through every aspect of the treatment to ensure that the treatment will work for you and so that you can make an informed decision. 

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments 

Wrinkles are created by many years of muscular activity in the face, especially in the brow, next to the eyes (crow's feet) and above the mouth. 
Anti-wrinkle treatment is the controlled relaxation of specific facial muscle using very small amounts of a purified protein. As the muscles can no longer contract, this leads to a relaxation and softening of the targeted lines and wrinkles. 
The treatment involves a number of injections with a fine needle into specific muscles, involving only minor discomfort and generally takes ten to fourteen days to take full effect. 

What areas of the face can it be used to treat? 

1. Lines between the eyebrows and forehead 
2. Lines on the outside or lateral of the eye (crow's feet) 
3. Mild level of eyebrow droop 

How long do the results last? 

The treatment is effective for approximately 3 - 6 months, after which time muscle action gradually returns, and facial lines and wrinkles may begin to reappear. 

Are there any side effects? 

The most common side effect is a temporary bruising/swelling around the injection site. Also some patients report a mild headache after treatment which generally resolves itself quickly. In rare cases drooping of the eyelid can occur, usually caused by a migration of the treatment which is why it is recommended that you do not rub the treated area for 12 hours after treatment. It is also important to inform the doctor at the consultation of any medication you are on at the time. A complete description of the potential side-effects will be given during your consultation with the doctor prior to treatment, and any questions you may have can be answered then. 
It should be noted that people who are pregnant, breast feeding, or who have a neurological condition are advised not to undertake the treatment.. 

Dermal Fillers

 Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound in the skin which holds on to water and is thus largely responsible for skin shape and volume. Levels of hyaluronic acid tend to decrease with age. 
As a result skin volume and tone are increased and lines are reduced. 
The treatment involves a number of injections with a fine needle beneath the surface of the skin, causing only minor discomfort. With dermal fillers, fine lines, wrinkles and folds are immediately filled and corrected. 

What can dermal fillers do to enhance facial contours? 

1. Reduce lines in the forehead and eye area 
2. Enhance the size and shape of your lips 
3. Reduce laugh lines 
4. Fill hollow cheeks and sunken scars 

How long do the results last? 

The treatment is effective for approximately 6 to 9 months, after which time repeat treatment will be required. 

Are there any side effects? 

After treatment, slight swelling and small red marks may appear, but will fade over the following hours. Reactions are usually temporary in nature. As with all biodegradable fillers, local inflammatory reactions such as redness and swelling may be accompanied by temporary irritation or pain on application of pressure, after injection. 
Lumps or nodules may appear at the injection site. Rare cases of necrosis (localized tissue damage) in the glabella (frown) area, abcesses, granuloma (skin nodules) and hypersensitivity have been record after injections of hyaluronic acid. 

Chemical Peels 

Skin peels are designed to enhance skin quality by removing the damaged outer layers, in order to allow the new skin underneath to create a smoother surface and improve its texture. 

Exfoliation is essential in helping skin to renew itself, take the dead layers away and making it more receptive to skincare products. Skin peels are a method of exfoliation, helping to give a brighter and fresher appearance to the skin. 
Your skin will be cleansed thoroughly with Neostrata Pre-Peel cleanser. Petroleum jelly is applied to the corners of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Glycolic acid is then applied to the face and left on the skin for several minutes. Shortly afterwards the skin is neutralized. After the peel has been neutralized, the face is rinsed. 

What conditions can peels be used to treat? 

1. Acne 
2. Wrinkles 
3. Uneven pigmentation 
4. Facial blemishes 

How many treatments will I need? 

A course of four treatments is generally recommended with two week intervals to obtain the best results. 

Anti-Perspiration Treatment (Hyperhydrosis) 

This treatment is relatively quick and will usually take only 10 to 15 minutes. First a special test is conducted to locate your problematic area. This area is then marked and injected with a small dose of Botulinum Toxin. Effects can be seen within the next couple of days and usually last up to six months. 

It has proven results if you have a problem with excessive underarm sweating or are embarrassed by perspiration marks on your clothing.