Other Services

Other Services

Addiction / Alcohol Policy

This can also include Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP's). A broad brush approach is recommended. Assistance in the setting up of company policies in this regard is available. We can conduct for cause/random/periodic testing for drugs and for alcohol. 


  • Stand Alone Urinary Drug Screening 
  • Stand Alone Alcohol Screening


Health and Safety Matters 

​Advice is given with regard to adverse effects on the health of employees. 


Evaluation of Chemical / Work Processes

​Advice is given with regard to adverse effects on the health of employees.


Hearing Conservation Programmes

This is done in conjunction with the company's noise surveys.


Safety Inspections

Safety inspections of the workplace with specific emphasis on potential sources of health, safety and stress problems. 


Workplace Accident & Illness

Evaluation and advice regarding prevention and management.


Workplace Accidents / Injury at Work

Emergency on-site treatment as required. Examination and assessment by a Doctor and a written report to the company. If treatment is required, there would be an additional cost (e.g. suture insertion,Tetanus,etc). The employee can also be referred to our on-site physiotherapist and counsellors. 


Medico - Legal Advise

Advice is also available on all medico - legal issues.


Health Surveillance 

The aim of this is to identify problems that can arise in connection with a particular occupation as early as possible. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.