Medical Screening

Medical Screening

Pre-employment Medical Examination 

Prior to issuing an employment contract, many companies require a successful candidate to attend for a medical examination. The purpose of this check is to ascertain the fitness and physical capability of the employee to fullfil the duties of their proposed role and to identify any conditions that may be exacerbated by a particular work environment or need reasonable accommodation. This Medical Examination can be tailored to suit the role and the company requirements. We provide a full range of tests which can include:

  • Detailed Health Questionnaire 
  • Height, Weight, Body Mass Index 
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood Pressure Check 
  • Audiometric Assesment
  • Urinary Drug Screening 
  • Dermatological Screening
  • Blood Tests
  • Chester Step Test
  • Grip Strength
  • Vision Screening ( Keystone Vision Screening to include colour vision and VDU)
  • Lung function test (Peak flow/Spirometry)
  • ECG 
  • Full clinical examination by OH Physician

We advise on screening test that are considered appropriate for the position applied for and the nature of the work carried out by the company concerned.

Annual/Periodic/ Health Surveillance Medical Examinations for existing Employees

These may include all or some of the above where appropriate. These medicals are designed based on the needs of the role following consultation with the company to establish exposure levels and other risk factors.

Night Worker Medical Assessments 

The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 & Regulations made under the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Acts 1989/2005 stipulates that "Employers should offer periodic Health Assessment for night workers".

Health & Lifestyle Screening

We provide Executive health Screening for Employees. Please see our Health Screening Leaflet in this regard.

Health Promotion

This helps the general morale of employees and can include advice on smoking cessation, weight reduction, cholesterol and blood sugar testing etc. 

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