1. Sickness absence costs business in Ireland 15 Million Euro annually with workers missing almost six days a year on average. More days were taken in larger organisations than those with fewer then 50 staff members, with sickness remaining the most common cause. Besides the financial impact on the workplace sickness absence causes reduced quality of output, increased pressure on colleagues and lowers the moral improvement in most organisations. a total of 11 Million days are lost to sickness absence every year. 


2. Work is good for your health and it is important to people and their families both financially and for their quality of life and well being. 

3. A reduction in absenteeism in the workplace benefits the employer, employee, the Irish economy as a whole and also addresses the wider causes of absenteeism.

Management of Sickness Absence


​Best Practice suggests that effective intervention tends to happen where there is a good access to Occupational Health facilities. Sickness absence can and should be managed either in terms of regular short term absences or employee's absence for longer periods. The impact on these absences can be largely improved by referring for medical reviews when employees either have frequent absences or are absent for large periods of time. They can also be helpful following an accident at work that precipitates sickness absence. It is very helpful for the Occupational Physician to ascertain the reason behind the absence and in some cases to obtain further information from the employee's General Practitioner or consultant. Active management can encourage employees to return to work earlier from a long absence or to prevent recurring short term absences. It is also helpful in identifying serious illnesses that can cause long term absences in employees who need support. On occasion where it is not possible for the employee to attend the Occupational Physician because of the nature of the illness, a confidential Doctor to Doctor report, with the employee's consent from the General Practitioner to the Occupational Physician can be of great value in assisting HR and management. 

Return to Work Medical Examinations (Medical Review & Report)


This usually follows a period of medium to long - term absence due to sickness with the intention of assessing the employee's fitness to return to work. It includes evaluation of modifications to work processes which may need to be made as a result of his or her illness. 


Ill Health Retirement



Medical consultation/examination with a view to ill health retirements and disability pensions with collation of reports from other medical practitioners as appropriate. 

Rehabilitation Programmes


Following injury or illness rehabilitation advice may be needed. A full assessment and treatment programme can be provided by our Physiotherapist in conjunction with the Occupational Physician.