Please find below specialist services which are available in certain clinics by appointment. If you would like to make an appointment please click here for contact details. 


Based in our Roselawn Clinic offering comprehensive eye examinations along with the facility for people to purchase their glasses and contact lenses online. 

Please click here for contact details 


A full chiropody service including footcare and footware advice. Treatment of corns, callouses, verruca, nail and skin conditions, ingrown toenails and Diabetes care. Biomechanical assessments are also available including the supply and fitting of tailor made orthotics. 

For an appointment please phone: 

  • Clarehall - Barbara O'Connor 01-8770818 
  • Roselawn - L.Lam & E.O'Brien 01-6405411 

Please note the Roselawn Chiropody Clinic is located across the road from the main clinic in 108 Roselawn Road. 

Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist - Laura Neme (Roselawn & Clarehall Clinic only)  

Laura is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. 
She provides Psychological treatment or Psychotherapy to adults with a broad range of issues. Using a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness Based Approach and a Psychodynamic or Psychoanalytical approach, depending on the case. 
She teaches Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy/Stress Reduction Programmes to general public and in work places. 
Laura performs assessments of general psychological functioning and also delivers psycho-educational talks on topics such as: Stress and anxiety management; brain training; behavioural understanding; improve efficiency, creativity and resilience; etc. 

Psychological assessments available include: 

1.Clinical assessment (assessment of mental health)

2.Personality assessment (assessment of coping style and interpersonal strengths) 

3.Cognitive assessment (assessment of IQ, memory and attention). 

What kind of issues could I help you address? 

• Stress management 
• Anxiety, phobias, panic, OCD
• Anger management 
• Depression 
• Bipolar disorder 
• Suicide risk 
• Eating disorder: overeating, anorexia and bulimia 
• Addiction: alcohol, drugs and gambling 
• Relationship and communication problems 
• Low self esteem 
• Personal crisis 
• Bereavement 

Sessions are priced at €80 
Hay Sesiones en Español disponibles 
(Sessions in Spanish are available) 

Dental Services - Dr Frank Dillon

A full dental surgery is located in both our Ongar and Clarehall Clinics. Please follow this link for more information on Meridian Dental Clarehall.

Hearing Tests 

(Roselawn & Ongar Only) 

Hidden Hearing are Ireland's leading provider of assistance and treatment for people with hearing loss. 
Benefits experienced by people wearing hearing aids include: improved self-confidence, better personal and professional relationships, sense of independence and security, easier communication with children, and satisfaction with life overall. Please visit www.hiddenhearing.ie for more information.