Tropical Medical Bureau (TMB)

Tropical Medical Bureau (TMB)


The Tropical Medical Bureau (TMB) is the leading travel medicine clinic in Ireland, specialists in providing the best information and medical care available for the international traveller. Each year TMB sees an average of 20,000 patients, ranging from the private holiday maker to employees of commercial companies, and overseas volunteers to NGO’s and Government departments, all of whom benefit from the expertise of our highly experienced clinic staff.

What distinguishes TMB from the competition is our vast experience, expertise and our superb patient aftercare. All our patients have a detailed consultation with one of our doctors. This covers everything from Deep Vein Thrombosis, food and water risks, altitude and other various health risks associated with your trip and obviously deciding on which travel vaccines and malaria tablets are appropriate. Our specialised travel medicine software is constantly being updated with travel news so if anything is happening in your destination that you need to be aware of, we’ll make sure you are.

The synchronised database facility we use in TMB Base Clinics means that patients attending these clinics can complete their vaccine schedule at another base clinic if needed. Many of the TMB base clinics provide detailed tropical medical screening with rapid access to our diagnostic laboratory. A wide range of Travel Products is also maintained in each of these centres.

Associate clinics run our specialised travel medicine software (Exodus) and carry a complete range of travel vaccines. There is no database link between the Associated Clinics and the TMB Base clinics. However records can be emailed or faxed across.




  • When visiting some destinations it is often advisable to receive vaccinations against diseases like Hepatitis A or Typhoid. Some countries require that you receive Yellow Fever and then of course there is Malaria. We can give you the correct advice for your journey and design an appropriate vaccination schedule.
  • For most people an appointment should be made about 4 to 5 weeks prior to departure. If you’re planning something a little more adventurous then 6 to 8 weeks may be more appropriate.
  • Many tropical diseases only present themselves weeks maybe months after the person has returned. The post-exposure service is designed to detect the presence of such diseases. If you are unwell after returning home then maybe we can offer some assistance.


If you would like to make an appointment please call any of our clinics. Click here for contact details or alternatively send an e-mail request for an appointment through to if possible with a list of alternative time-slots, and someone will contact you to make an appointment. On arrival please let the reception know if you have private health insurance