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Comprehensive Eyesight Testing now available in our Roselawn Clinic 

Our mission is to carry out comprehensive eye examinations and to then facilitate people to purchase their glasses and contact lenses online. 

All Eye examinations include an assessment for Glaucoma, Diabetes, Macular Degeneration and Cataract development. 

Our virtual store at www.OpticalRooms.com will have pre populated information for each individual patient following their consultation. Here patients can view their prescription, what was recommended and order or repeat order glasses or contact lenses as they require. 

Using the latest technology and equipment on the market our non invasive imaging system produces images of the eye from the layers of the cornea right back to the retina and the choroid body. 
In addition we use an FDA approved Henson visual field analyser. This has a multitude of visual field tests that allow early and accurate detection of glaucoma. It is fully compliant for the proposed RSA driving license requirements for both Group 1 and Group 2 applicants. 

Mr Don Stack F.A.O.I

The founder Mr Don Stack F.A.O.I. is an Optometrist with over 20 years experience. He has been running his own Practices since 1994 and brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his industry. 

“I am excited about this new development in the eye care industry, the emphasis will be placed on the examination and the retail end will be offered at the minimal cost to the patient. Generally the eye exam is used as a means of getting people into the store for the purpose of purchasing glasses. By removing this incentive I feel people will choose the quality of the eye exam as their motivation”. 

Please visit our website www.opticalrooms.com to view the range of services and specialities we offer. 

Price List 

● Full Eye Examination: Inc. Glaucoma, Diabetes, AMD and cataract screening - €55 
● Follow up Screenings: Diabetes/ Glaucoma/ AMD - €28 
● Contact Lens Fitting, Trial lenses provided. - €60 
● Contact Lens Reviews/Check-up - €25 
● Comprehensive Children’s Vision Test - €55 
● Driving Vision Eye Test: Group 1 €20 Group 2 - €40 
● Colour Vision Test - €28 
● VDU (Visual Display Unit) Test - €38 
● Full Visual Field Test - €25 
● Retinal Digital Imagery - €28 
● Slit-Lamp Examination - €18 
● Low Visual Aid assessment - €28